About Us

The Young Greens were founded in 2002 to fight for a better planet and campaign on the issues that matter to us.
We were founded in 2002 to fight for a clean planet and a better quality of life. We are active on a local, national and international level. By  overseeing the organisation of conventions, workshops, demos, policy discussions and trips, we provide plenty of activities for you to play your part in working for a Green planet and campaigning on the issues that matter to us and that matter to you.
The Young Greens are organised right across the island, and are currently laying the groundwork to expand into colleges all around the nation. Our branches are largely independent from each other, which allows ordinary members to have a real input into what we do from year to year. As are a member-driven group, we work to ensure that every voice is heard and everyone can contribute to furthering the Green movement.If there isn’t a group near you, why not set one up? We’re more than happy to work with you to make sure the Young Greens have a presence in your university or local area.
Our National Executive Committee is elected on an annual basis at our convention, which is always a fun weekend event. It looks after the general running of the Young Greens and elects a committee for the following year.

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