Our Committee

Meet the Young Greens National Executive Committee for 2014/2015

Chair: Lorna Bogue


My name is Lorna Bogue and I’m Chair of the Young Greens. I’m originally from Limerick and have just finished a degree in Irish, Music and Dance.

We have an exciting year ahead of us as a Youth Party. General Elections are coming up in the South in 2016, as are General assembly elections up North around that time. It’s also an exciting time to be in the Young Greens as there are definitely opportunities for you guys to participate in whichever way you see fit, so whether that’s policy creation, communications, PR, activism or even running for election yourselves.

I really do believe that we have an opportunity to do really well as a Youth party and engage in a politics that we ourselves have created to fulfill a vision of what Ireland should look like in the future. I also think that we are the most inclusive party going and if you look at the policies that we are in the process of tweaking, it should be very clear that the Young Greens aren’t just a single issue party, we are definitely a party that has many aspects, the pillars being; social justice, economic stability and equality. Any of you can contribute towards building this vision and I genuinely hope you do. If you are interested in getting more involved or have a query or question, please do get in contact.

Secretary: Georgia Grainger


My name is Georgia Grainger and I’m Secretary of Young Greens. I’m also Chair of the Young Greens in Northern Ireland and Youth Officer for the Green Party in Northern Ireland. I’m from Belfast, although I’ve lived in Dublin and Scotland at various points, and I study Linguistics at Queen’s University Belfast.

As Secretary, it’s pretty much my job to try to keep track of things and keep everything moving along, as well as to keep contact between all our branches and members flowing. There’s a few exciting elections on both sides of the border in the next couple of years and Young Greens are working on a lot of policy which is fantastic, but it also means there’s going to be a lot of campaigns to co-ordinate and organise. If you have anything you want to ask us about, to discuss as possible policy or an event you think Young Greens should be at, please get in touch and let me know, and I can pass information along to the right people!

Branch Coordinator: Diarmuid Burke


Hello there, my name is Diarmuid and I’m this year’s Branch Coordinator of the Young Greens. I was born in Limerick, but have been living in Dublin for over a decade now. This year I graduated UCD with a BA in Politics and International Relations and I’m currently studying for an MA in Political Communication in DCU. I’ve been a member of the Young Greens for about two years.

As Branch Coordinator I have two main functions within the Young Greens. My first job, and the one I want to concentrate the most on during the year, is helping to set up Young Greens branches all over the island, focusing specifically on universities and colleges. My second function is to ensure that all of our current branches are able to do their job as best they can. Following the party’s performance in the 2011 General Election it is vital that we rebuild our base to ensure our vision has staying power. Green policies are good for young people and we believe that we offer a real alternative to the populist posturing of the other opposition parties. That’s why getting as many people involved as possible is so important to our cause. If you involve yourself in the Young Greens, you will not be simply a number. You will be able to involve yourself in every aspect of Young Greens life, from policy-making to campaigning and beyond.

If you’re interested in setting up a Young Greens society in your college, email the Young Greens and let me know. The next year is crucial to both the Young Greens and the main party as we ensure we get as many people out there campaigning for our issues as possible. I’d encourage you to get involved in the Young Greens. Whether you care about the environment, social justice, political reform or anything else, we strive to ensure that the views of our members will be listened to.

Campaigns and Communications Officer: Haydania-Capri DiTori

Hi! My name is Haydania-Capri DiTori and I’m from Northern Ireland. I currently live in the east of Belfast, and I am studying part-time for a BSc in Psychology and Counselling with The Open University.

I am the Campaigns and Communications officer for the Young Greens; it’s my responsibility to insure the Young Greens’ communications lines with the public, press and media are in good report, and that we are engaging with the aforementioned to best of our abilities as an organisation. Alongside this it is also my duty to pinpoint out campaigns that are relevant and suitable for the Young Greens to take part in and aid, and to additionally work within the Young Greens to create and develop our own campaigns, whether local or national as the case may be.

Outside of my work with the Young Greens, I am also the Chairperson for the Trans* Forum for Northern Ireland; a forum made up of statutory and voluntary sector organisations, that hold meeting every quarter to discuss issues that directly affect the transgender community. I am also a Director of TENI, Transgender Equality Network Ireland, a registered non-profit company in the Republic of Ireland that work tirelessly to aid the transgender community in their plea for equal equality.

International Liaison Officer: Aoife Smyth


Hi there! My name is Aoífe Smyth. I am originally from Meath but have been living in Dublin for college. I am a final year Trinity student studying Economics and Political Science. I have always been interested in Green politics and am excited about my first year involved with the Young Greens.

As the Irish Young Greens International Liaison Officer I am responsible for communicating with the FYEG (Federation of Young European Greens), other Young Greens parties within the EU, and other Green movements and initiatives taking place worldwide. I am also involved in briefing and reporting back to Young Greens branches in Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland. I help the rest of the executive committee with campaign creation, implementation and development and the preparation, editing and signing off press releases.

I am really excited to be involved in the Young Greens at such an important time for the party with the 2016 elections fast approaching. The Young Greens are a dynamic, innovative and inclusive party that young people across Ireland can really engage with, and we really hope you do so that the Greens can continue to grow across the country.


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