Young Greens Branches

Young Greens NI Logo

Northern Irish Young Greens

The Young Greens in Northern Ireland help to represent young people and protect youth interests within the Green Party in Northern Ireland and within the wider community. Like the Young Greens, they are part of the Federation of Young European Greens, participating in Europe-wide campaigns and events to help strengthen the future for young people. They are cross-community and part of the wider international green community, and hence work as a safe political space for all the people of Northern Ireland.



Twitter: @QUBG


UCC Young Greens Logo


University College Cork Young Greens

The UCC Greens are the University College Cork branch of the Young Greens/Óige Ghlas. They host guest speakers, debates, trips away, socials, and always welcome new members. Some of the issues the society has campaigned on include investment in the green economy, taking further steps towards full marriage equality, fighting to reduce college fees, and ensuring a fracking-free Ireland, North and South.




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